Kitchens - quality of workmanship

Here at Post Design Fitters, Colchest Kitchen fitters, we pride ourselves in setting high standards of workmanship when we install a kitchen...

Basic inner corner join

Our highly skilled fitters aim to ensure that inner corner joiners (of any kind) are as flush and as perfect as they can possibly be.

Our fitters do their utmost to also ensure (as much as practicable) that any printed or molded pattern symmetry is maintained (see image, right).

Basic corner join

Complex corner jin

Complex corner join

As with basic inner joins, our highly skilled fitters aim to do their utmost to ensure complex joins are carried out to the highest possible quality.

The image, left, is an example of a more complex unit join. Note the quality of the join of the molded section of the unit (bottom).

Work top join: sub-standard

The join shown in the image, right, is a good example of a sub-standard join between two unit work tops.

This is simply not acceptable!

No offence intended to any DIY enthusiast, but we would not expect any of our customers to accept work of this standard.

Poor worktop join

Quality worktop join

Work top join: our standard

The image, left, shows a manufactured corner work top section.

While it is unlikely that even our highly skilled fitters would be a able to achieve a join to the level of quality shown in the image (right), they do their utmost to achieve an almost invisible join.